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Imagine during your next function, one of the drink waiters bursts out a huge operatic note initiating thunderous applause...then promptly returns to his duties.

A short time later, a competitive second waiter decides to join the stage resulting in a singing duel that includes anything from Pavarotti to Dean Martin or Lloyd Webber to Puccini.

But the real fun is only just beginning. To the further surprise of the audience...a third waiter "gate crashes," and the performance concludes a la "The Three Tenors."

The Three Waiters is a truly unique concept. It involves three talented performers hoaxing and infiltrating your event as "real" waiting staff. But this is not a "wacky waiters" show, and in fact is quite the opposite. The show provides sophisticated, high quality entertainment made up of some of the best performers that opera and music theatre have to offer.

The structure and content of The Three Waiters suits a wide spectrum of audience taste by taking away the seriousness often associated with opera and adding an element of fun, spontaneity and surprise. With repertoire consisting of arias made famous by "The Three Tenors" along with well-known songs from popular musicals, The Three Waiters has proven equally successful to audiences of football players and auto mechanics, as well as the most discerning opera buffs, high-end corporate executives and Heads of State.

Whether a dinner party of twelve guests or a ballroom of two thousand, the structure of the show along with the repertoire and experience of each of the performers allows the act to be easily customized to individual requirements. That's why The Three Waiters have performed for American Express, AT&T, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, Hyatt Hotels, McDonalds, NBC TV, Sony, and many more corporate groups.

They are The Three Waiters...or are they?

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